SL Intellectual Property

What is Intellectual Property (IP)?

IP is intangible creations of the mind, such as inventions, designs, names, logos and much more of the like. If you thought of it then it is your Intellectual Property one might think, but in the eyes of the law Intellectual Property rights require Copyrights, Patents & Trademarks.

Copyright: Owning the rights to something material, so that others can not sell or make the same thing without permission from the rights holder. Excluding Fair Use.

Patent: Owning the rights to an Idea this can be a business idea, new kind of engine technology, or anything that does not exist yet and is new that technologically improves existing methods.

Trademark: Owning the rights to a Brand, Logo or Slogan where others cannot use or even make anything that is to similar.

How the Permissions system helps to protect/open IP?

So when we create an Object in the Virtual World of Second Life we become the Creator and the initial Owner, we can then setup the permissions as outline in my previous blog post to not allow anyone to Copy, Modify or Transfer it making it completely secured most importantly from being copied, illegally shared or sold without permission,protecting their creation of the mind, Intellectual Property. They can also open it up if desired by enabling such permissions like transfer to provide the object to a new owner along with the right to sell the original or possibly copies of it with the creator and original owners permission.

What is CopyBot and how it can/should be used?

After reading an write up about Copy Bot I have to say im disappointed to see that someone has created this for Second Life, it is certainly a great concern for residents Intellectual Property rights.

Copy Bot allows the owner to instruct it to do many things that you usually cant and should not be doing in second life, such as copy protected prims, complex linked structures, residents avatar profiles or all the outfits of nearby residents and much more which is an infringement of Intellectual Property by theft and sadly Linden Labs cant do anything to stop it.

For more details see here:

So when should/can Copy Bot be used?

Well that is a tricky things, really it should not. But sadly Copyright allows for Fair Use of up to 10% of Intellectual property so long as it is not infringing of the owners rights, so i guess Copy Bot could be used to Copy up to 10% of a Profile, or outfit, prim etc, without really breaking any law, and then could use those small parts towards creating something completely unrelated.

Further Information about Intellectual Property in SL: 

Second Life breaks Intellectual Property into 3 main categories being Copyrighted, Trademarked and Celebrity Material, and Strictly follows the Real life laws surrounding these as Second Life is still very much apart of Real Life, so all the same Intellectual Property concerns exist and infringements possible to be prosecuted in a court of law, Linden Labs do not make up their own laws the Virtual World.

Intellectual Property in Second Life described perfectly:

Intellectual Property more detailed by Linden Labs:

These descriptions by Linden Labs are only for general information and may vary slightly from any actual descriptions of the real laws as they are written across the world, or by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act). And I have noticed Linden Labs does not seem to really talk about Patents which are also a a part of Intellectual Property. For more information on what DMCA covers visit here.

Basically everything in Second Life would be considered Digital as it is all Virtual, and Complaints regarding infringement of Intellectual Property can be made to the DMCA directly whether it be in Second Life or Real Life digitally on a website for example, and the DMCA will send a infringement notice to whoever has breached it demanding it be removed immediately or face further prosecution, and prosecution can also happen where breaches occur again and again, alternatively Intellectual Property complaints in Second Life can be filed in writing by sending the concern to Linden Labs directly as they take it very seriously.

Details of your Intellectual Property Complaints process, or the process to fight an incorrect Infringement Notice are illustrated more clearly here:

Second Life has a program in place for handling IP Infringements which instead of just removing the content, it is instead replaced and locked down, with a note card attached informing the resident of the IP Infringement.

  • “Textures, bodyparts, and clothing will be replaced with monochrome items that are the average color of the items they replace.”
  • “Animations will be replaced with a special rotating animation by Blue Linden.”
  • “Sounds will be replaced with a new sound recording from Torley Linden.”
  • “Objects will be replaced with a plywood ball that displays an IP notice when you click on it.”

Linden Labs has a Question and Answers section specifically about Intellectual Property ad Complaints that has a lot of useful information that might answers most peoples general questions that can be found here:

They also have details about using their own Trademarked logos such as the Hand holding an Eye, which basically says there are exemptions they allow for but that as usual any use of a Trademark should be with permission from its rightful owner.

We must be very careful when building and creating things in Second Life and be very aware of Intellectual Property in all that we imagine to create, for just like the Real World it is punishable by law, so to is it for Virtual Worlds. While setting our permissions to our own Intellectual Property is always important to consider and get right to prevent infringement of your IP.



SL Object Permissions

Object Permissions in Second Life?

What are the they? How do we use them or even find them? Well there is a great write up about permissions and how they work, or how to set them up on the second life community website written by Jeremy Linden which helped me to understand it all!

Well when you (Rez) create new objects or existing objects from your Inventory in world, in the build window you look under the general tab and there you can find the permissions, lets take a look at what we find and I will try to explain it!

Ass 2 pic14.JPG

Obviously we can see who the Owner and Creator are, and the Creator is who initially sets the permissions of the Object first time around, and beyond that any owner it is passed to can then modify any permissions gained from whom gave it. So if Modify, Copy and Transfer are all ticked, then the new owner will have these permissions, and could possible restrict them further for anyone they then pass/sell the object to.

Object Permissions allow us to dictate what other residents can do with objects we have created and mostly fall under these 5 concerns:


  • Move: This applies to anyone around the rezzed object being able to move that object or not.
  • Copy: Where someone can take copies of a rezzed object.

Next Owner:

  • Copy: Where someone can rez/sell copies of an object, or they can only rez/sell the original single instance.
  • Modify: this is the decision to let the next owner be able to make changes to your work or not.
  • Transfer: This determines if the next owner can Resell or Gift the Object on beyond themselves.

Other important permissions to understand are:

  • Share with Group: Here you can share a Rezzed object with a group, and the respective permissions will apply to that group which can be very handy when building as a group, but caution should be taken when sharing.
  • Show in Search: I believe this can make your object show in search results from others, which would handy if your trying to sell objects, or wanted others to find and come see objects you create.
  • For Sale: This allows us to determine the objects value and let people have the option to buy the object becoming the next owner and getting those permissions passed along, you can decide to sell the original and it be gone if sold, to sell a copy of the original, or just its contents.


You want to sell a car which someone can alter, copy into new cars, but never sell to next owners:

modify copy transfer
car yes yes no

You will sell a resident a single original house that they can change the shape and color or textures for, resell or gift, but cannot rez/sell copies only the original and cannot read or modify an attached script:

modify copy transfer
house yes no yes
scripts no no yes


SL Community Standards

Linden Labs Community Standards are found here:

Second Life Community Standards are defined here:

As you can see the at these two links, the BIG SIX as described by Tommy Linden are the same on both links, re-explained in each, and the second link defines more clearly what the BIG SIX are separately from policies and policing, which appear all together on the first link making it hard to identify which things relate to the BIG SIX community standards.


While interaction in the virtual world from users all over the real world is encouraged, fighting Intolerance against users seems to be an ongoing battle. Second Life and Linden Labs have a low tolerance for level for behavior relating to bad language, actions, images or objects that demean individual residents or communities as a whole by any means such as race, sex, beliefs or sexual orientation. Breach of this Intolerance is not acceptable and something taken seriously in the virtual world of Second Life.

Even something as simple as invasion of a individuals avatars personal space walking to closely up to them and jumping on their head for example is considered demeaning and not tolerated by most, I have seen Isa Goodman warn other students about doing this, where by if the actions continue they could be ejected from the island or worse for their misbehavior.


Being able to Voice chat, text chat, have floating text in world, have objects, image, videos and game play to name a majority of capabilities in Second Life, its clear to see that Harassment would be possible via many medians. Much like intolerance for actions and behaviors, Harassment is kind of behavior that is not tolerable! Inappropriate sexual interactions, threats, verbal or visual abuse, jumping on someones head over an over are all examples of types of Harassment that are not acceptable under Second Life’s community standards.


Assault in the real world can come in many forms much like Harassment, verbally and physically or even through things that affect us emotionally, acts of violence, but the range of Assault in Second Life is limited primarily to using scripted objects that target a resident one or many times repeated in a disrespectful violent way such as shooting with a gun, running over with a car, or anything that violates the resident or community at a physical avatar level, making Second Life no longer enjoyable. Assault will not be tolerated.


Disclosure refers to privacy of residents personal information, where by any information disclosed in a residents profile is public information not considered private, but any other information about a resident that another resident might have been told or given, or searched for and found about the resident that is not in a profile is considered private and should not be disclosed to others by anyone other than the resident that information belongs to or with the consent of the resident.

Examples of information that could be considered private and never be disclosed by others are: sexual orientation, real age, beliefs, contact phone number, bank details, real world address or even a real name, race, marital status and more.

Adult Regions, Groups, and Listings

While Second Life is a community of adults, that does not mean adult content is permitted everywhere, actually its not permitted anywhere on the mainland, there is a continent specifically created where adult content is allowed known as “Zindra”. Private regions that people pay for and own may also permit the use adult content in their region.

Second life has a definition for Adult Maturity here:

This outlines more clearly what things in the virtual world of second life count as adult content, activity & communication for Adult regions. It also has information relating to the other rating levels available. Regional content rating levels are identified as General, Moderate or Adult and these levels also apply to events, groups or listings!

Disturbing the Peace

Do you have the right to live your real life? Yes right?

Well so to do Residents have the right to live whatever second life they want to in Second Life, if that means being an animal, the opposite sex, or being a second life famous singer that is up to the individual, and should not be disturbed by others!

You also should not disturb any communities or events. Any form of disruption is considered a disturbance, similar to an Assault, having scripted objects that repeat an annoying sound over an over, follow residents, spawn items non stop, slow down a server or in any way disturb a community, event or resident is not permitted and deemed Disturbing the Peace.

Other examples include undesired advertising or advertising without permission, repeat posting of chat or stepping on the voice channel and playing some annoying noises which is all deemed to be spamming! Refer to the actual write up of Community Standards by Linden Labs for further examples.

Why have or follow Second Life Community Standards?

Well they are needed to define what some might consider common sense, decent behavior and maturity. With out them nobody could rightfully say that anyone has wronged anyone and abusers could easily disrupt residents endlessly which in turn could cause second life to have no users, only abusers.

I plan to not violate the Community Standards just by following my heart and natural common sense, while making sure I am informed having had a good read all about them, and as I visit various communities in the virtual world I always find someone who will know and ask if the community has any standards of its own, which typically is aligned with the standards in place especially no nudity in most places.

Reporting Abuse:

While it is possible to contact Linden Labs and report the abuse and violations, sometimes it can be sorted out verbally with the offender first, or with anyone who is control of the area you are in, especially where private regions are concerned, the owner can kick out abusers and keep them out if desired, handling the abuser first hand.

MUVE Locations Comparison

Fireside Karaoke vs Ivory Tower Library!

fireside chick.JPG

So there is definitely a lot more to see and explore or learn from at the Ivory Tower Library of Primitives and its surroundings, its a very inspiring place which I have enjoyed looking around, and will visit again in future to help boost my creativity in assignment 3! But as magical as it is, there is not a lot of fun to be had.

Fireside karaoke is a completely different kind of place all together and I feel should not be compared but if I must then I can admit it is small in comparison, and not as much to explore or learn from! But it has what Ivory Tower does not.

Fireside provides a warm inviting community virtual environment, to enjoy singing karaoke with others or playing a board game, having a dance or just chatting around the warm open fire! It gives a vibe that Ivory Tower does not, a sense of belonging and participating, with a higher level of interaction at hand, and since Karaoke is a hobby and pass time of mine, it takes first place between the two locations!

MUVE Locations 2

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives & Surrounding Area’s!

Ivory Tower Library of Primitives.JPG

● Why I chose it

Well I didnt find this location myself, it was a location Aaron aka Isa took the class to in second life to show us a lot of different prims and while the prims are fantastic, so to are the surrounding areas of the Ivory Tower Library so I really wanted to use this location and its surroundings for my second location to show off the beauty of possibilities displayed which I myself find very inspiring, it gets my creative flow going.


● What functionality/interactivity it provides

The Library itself contains hundreds of prims to check out, many of which provide details about how the prims have been made and useful information that might help someone to create these for themselves! It is possible to link and combine many of the kinds of prims seen to create objects for the virtual world, and exploring the library can immediately start to encourage thought about the endless possibilities.

Unfortunately I was hoping we can take copies of the prims from this Library and use them to more quickly link and build objects as I desire, but sadly this was not the case, It seems most of the objects found in the virtual world of second life are typically secured from others making use of them, and prehap’s for good reasons! What if some person just started taking copies of everything and then building or spawning copies all over the place just to be annoying. Not to mention the possibilities of trying to resell others creations, infringing on others intellectual property.

Ivory Tower star trek.JPG

I feel the main functionality of this location is in fact to inspire creativity, and show case what any one person is capable of building in this virtual world, where the interactions come from navigating and checking out the construction and layout of building and objects for learning based purposes.

Look at what you find right outside the main entrance of the Library for example, if you look carefully you will spot a miniture star trek enterprise flying around an alter, the Pink Panther, second life symbols and more to explore!


 How it looks/was built/how much scripting there is

It looks amazing to see things built that one can only wish to ever see built in the real world, check out this image…

Ivory Tower castle bears.JPG

Look at that Castle, isnt it awesome! I landed on top level balcony and wondered inside for a look and thought it was very well designed and authentic feeling. On the hillside next to it are to very large Teddy bears statues, dont let he distance in my screenshot fool you, they dwarf my avatar close up.

There doesnt seem to be a great deal of scripting involved with the castle or giant teddy bears, or any other things around this location that I tried to interact with, most things just sit there dorment and not moving, although something like the flying star trek ship would have a movement script involved.

Ivory Tower cakes.JPG

Now over by the giant juggling monkey which sadly doesnt have any animation to it, I found alot of different shaped and sized cakes! Some even have a animation script for like sparkles or small fireworks coming from the top of them which looks pretty neat. These cakes I noticed are also for sale, so using the linden dollar you could prehap’s buy a cake for the special event you have, maybe a second life birthday party or wedding? The only limitations I see in second life, is ones imagination.

● What your impressions of it are

My impression? Well lets show you a few more things first..

Ivory Tower treehouse solar.JPG

The building, object, structure at this location are so cool, here you see a house built into a tree, and on the roof are solar panels, can you imagine that in the real world.. makes me think of robin hood or the ewoks, with solar power!!

Ivory Tower water plan.JPG

The bridge in this image makes me think of “The bridge to Terabethia” in which once on the other side its all up to your imagination, if you havnt seen the movie I recommend it! But my point to that is the similarity for this virtual world, where its all up to your imagination! Here you see a Water Plane created with great details using 30 plus prims and ready to board it says but yet I could not fly it as much as I wanted to.

See the moon light shine of the water! Everything created forms such beauty in this location, it blows my mind, so my Impression is just that… what a wonderful and magical place second life can be! A great escape from reality.

MUVE Locations 1

Fireside Karaoke!!

Fireside Karaoke map.JPG

Why I chose it

In my weekends you can usually find me having a few drinks with friends and family sitting around singing karaoke with the WOW karaoke machine we have providing us with thousands of karaoke songs and endless hours of enjoyment.

It is for this reason and hobby I decided to checkout an active karaoke community on Second Life called Fireside Karaoke!


What functionality/interactivity it provides

Obviously its in the title and is expected that avatars can come to this location and listen to others singing or join in for a good old sing themselves! You come in and chill out around the open fire, have a seat or dance to the music as you like!

Fireside Karaoke the fire.JPG

There is dance scripts provided on site to use for individuals or couples dancing and some kind of game you can play off to the side that has a scoreboard.

There is a Piano and Mic on a stand with a display board behind it, which shows details about who is ON AIR now singing and allowing others to give donations or tips to the singers for their efforts and entertainment kind of similar to someone busking in the street I believe.

Not really a lot here to interact with or explore.


How it looks/was built/how much scripting there is

It looks relaxing and mellow, built using prim’s from what I investigated and mostly consisting of basic touch & sit scripts other than the ON AIR board display, tipping system and game to play that was available.

All in all the place is rather small as you see by the map in the first image I shared, so its nothing to exciting visually and not built on any kind of grand scale or with advanced scripting but serves its purpose at the end of the day… karaoke!!

Fireside Karaoke the queue.JPG

What your impressions of it are

My impression is that while its a simple little place, its still a fun place to be for anyone like me who enjoys karaoke, it reminded me of my days in Yahoo karaoke chat room, talking with others and having turns on the mic singing our favorite jams or requests etc.

The addition if visual elements made it more immersive and rich in atmosphere, reminding me of times out camping with a few drinks and some singing around a bon fire!

MUVE Viewers Comparison

Second Life Viewer  vs  Firestorm Viewer comparison!

I will begin by saying how impressed I have been with Firestorm Viewer, they have done a great with making it flow and feel much the same to use as the Second Life developers very own Viewer, right down to supporting all the same shortcut keys, so switching between or migrating from one to the other is not difficult to do!

However for my own personal reasons I believe Firestorm Viewer to be the better of the two Viewers, due to the multitude of Preferences available, and especially the additional graphical settings available. Yesterday I invested in Thermal Paste and sorted out the over heating on my Laptop as it has been an issue for some time, and gone back to Test both Viewers again, while Second Life Viewer no longer over heats my CPU, it does bring the temperature up more due to not being able to set a frame rate.

Graphically the two seem to be equals when turned all the way up, or all the way down, but I still very much enjoy the better control over these elements provided by Firestorm, and its general layout of shortcut buttons at the bottom of the screen, and quick type to nearby chat ability.. all makes it feel better tuned for me the user.

I have noticed that Second Life Viewer seems to connect and load into the virtual world faster, but this difference is not by much for it to be relevant. Overall for me Firestorm will now be my number 1 go to and I look forward to participating in Labs now without suffering overheating issues.