Ass 3 Reflection

Ass 3 reflection 1.JPG

So this is it… my MUV journey is coming to its end, but I can honestly say that my second life will continue!

I am proud of the community game I was able to construct, simple as the design may appear the real complexity comes from the scripting. LSL Scripting has been a pleasure to work with and I found examples on second life wiki very useful and not to difficult to understand given my programming background.

I would like to thank Isa for all your efforts to teach us in the virtual world, and Belma for the enjoyable physical classes with interesting discussions. I have really enjoyed my MUV and SL experience.

I really like how second life allows people to take idea’s and make them a virtual reality, do things we wish we could in real life. I have always said I love programming because I can take an idea from my mind, and make it reality, usable in front of my eyes and for all others, there is a sense of greatness in being a creator.

The Assessment 3 creating an object with complex interactivity went rather smoothly for myself, the hardest part was making design decisions such as how I was going to support players taking their turn to select a column, so many way I could do this, but what was going to feel more natural was the direction I went with.

I decided to make the Biggest game model left out on my area available for any and all to COPY and have freely, then with transfer permissions for the COPY taken. No making COPIES or MODIFICATION or MOVING the original, permissions.

Yes I know I could sell this but I would rather gift it to the Second Life Virtual World. I am already going to some communities I joined and offering to have it there for people to play for leisure.

I hope any reader finds my blogs about MUV and Consecutive 4 informative and enjoyable to follow along with my journey, sorry to say this is my last and final blog you will find here as my paper being studied has come to an end.

Dean SH (deansh), SL Resident.


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