Ass 3 Task Plan

Assignment 3 Task Plan!

Selected Option: Content Creation – Complex Interactivity.

Content Idea: A simple game community users can play and copy, following a common classic called CONNECT FOUR or 4 IN A ROW, but I will name mine “C4″ standing for “Consecutive 4“.

Purpose: The purpose of this assignment is to create a simple game for residents of the MUV601 community to enjoy interacting with at what is considered a complex level in terms of scripting. As someone who likes to play online games, I think of this as creating a online 2 player game only it is with in a virtual world. I think once complete that others in the MUV601 community will enjoy playing each other in friendly matches. I could potentially make it be for sale if good enough, or just have it freely available to MUV601 residents to add to inventory.

Learning Goal: Having a Software Development Major, I wish to know more about Linden Scripting Language in the Second Life Virtual World, how to apply scripts and manipulate them to do what I desire, while learning how to do all the scripting that will be required to make a working 2 player game of “Consecutive 4“, support at least 6 of the requirements in the assignment, and the visual requirements too. Once complete I should have a better understanding of how the scripting and building of in world objects is accomplished.

Resources: I will need to look up the rules of the classic game, and count how many slots are needed to complete the playing space I think it is 7 long by 6 high making 42. I also need to look at how the classic game presents itself, and make something similar in design to make it obvious enough to residents familiar, what this game is hopefully. Other resources will be textures, of which I have collected many freely from the texture board provided by Isa Goodman (Aaron), and will play around with I dont think I need any further textures. Lastly will be researching the LSL scripting codes I am going to need and find a way to make the game function in the way I desire, Second Life wiki has tons of useful code snippets and explanations which I intend to source bits of code from.

Extra: If I complete this game with time to spare I plan to also develop a simple surrounding environment such as a Hedge Maze that the community can navigate through until they find the “Consecutive 4” game to start playing, just a for fun.

Image result for connect 4




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